What is Shoulder Surfing?

One of the easiest and the most convenient way to steal information is by Shoulder Surfing. As the name suggests, it is the practice of peeping over the shoulder of an unsuspecting user at an ATM or while they are on their phone, in order to obtain their personal detail, PIN, password etc.

Shoulder Surfing is an effective way to get information in crowded places because it's relatively easy to stand next to someone and watch as they fill out a form, enter a PIN at an ATM, or use a calling card at a public pay phone. Shoulder Surfing can also be done long distance with the aid of binoculars or other vision-enhancing devices.

How can you protect yourself?

  • Do not accept help from strangers at the ATM.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and look for suspicious individuals trying to peep into your screen.
  • Shield the screen/keypad by using your other hand while entering PIN at the Axis Bank or any other ATM/ POS. Also, check for cameras.
  • Wait at the ATM until your transaction has ended and you’re fully logged out. Leaving early gives the next person in line access to your account.
  • Regularly check your account balance and bank statements, and report any discrepancies to your bank immediately.