What is a Charity Fraud?

Charity Fraud is the act of using deception to get money from people who believe they are making donations towards a cause. Often a person or a group of people will make material representations that they are a charity or part of a charity and ask prospective donors for contributions to the non-existent charity. Charity fraud not only includes fictitious charities but also deceitful business acts like not using the money for its intended purposes.

How to protect yourself from a Charity Fraud?

  • Genuine charities are registered with the Charity Commission.
  • People collecting money for a genuine charity must carry documents from the charity confirming they are collecting legitimately.
  • If the collection is for a Non-Profit Organisation you know is genuine, contact the charity directly by calling them.
  • Watch out for poor grammar and spelling in emails and other documents, including collection envelopes.
  • Send your donation to the charity directly to ensure your donation is reaching the right people.