What is a Lottery Fraud?

These typically come in the form of an email or phone call stating that you have just won a lottery. However, in order to receive the money you will be required to provide your details like bank account number and personal identification number, or even transfer a comparatively smaller sum to another bank account.

How can you avoid being duped?

  • Remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!
  • If someone asks you to make a payment to receive the lottery, it’s definitely a trap!
  • Look up for information on the company before responding to such emails.
  • If you realise that you have already provided your details to a fraudster, contact your bank immediately.
  • Never respond to any unexpected email notification, phone call explaining that "You have won!" a large sum of money in a lottery. If you haven’t bought a lottery then you can’t win it.
  • Never ever disclose your bank details or pay fees in advance.