Axis Bank Current Account

Boost your business and give it the bandwidth to transact anytime at the click of a button with Axis Bank Current Accounts!

With digital services such as online NEFT/RTGS transactions 24x7, prompt SMS alerts and customized offerings on allied products such as CMS, Trade & Forex Services across user friendly Internet & Mobile Banking platforms, you can be assured that your banking transactions will be hassle-free and seamless.

We offer a host of Current Account variants customised to the needs of different sectors and organisations, with features including: complete execution of Current Account opening online for specific variants, a range of options on cash deposit limits, unlimited withdrawals and zero-balance current accounts.

So, browse through the different types of Current Accounts and select the one that best suits your business needs. You can also apply for a Current Account online.

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    Benefits of opening a Current Account with us

    Opening a Current Account helps one run their business in a smooth and organised manner. We strive to make your journey smooth by offering you the following features:

    • A wide range of Current Account variants bespoke to businesses as well as scale: be it jewellers, small, Mid or Large Cap organisations or simply individuals wanting to start their business with a Digital Current Account
    • Access to Overdraft, i.e. the possibility of getting funds in excess of the balance held in one’s account to address immediate business needs. This is a feature exclusive to current accounts
    • Free Chequebook issuance and no charge on cash withdrawal irrespective of the number of transactions made
    • Varied range of Cash deposit limits to cater to businesses across all operating scales
    • A suite of Debit Card Solutions, CMS Solutions and services on Trade and Forex at their disposal


    Tips to keep in mind when opening your Current Account

    • Ensure that the type of Current Account variant selected is truly compatible with your business’ needs
    • When applying for a Digital Current Account, ensure a well-lit atmosphere for the Video KYC process in addition to a strong internet connection and camera quality for your device to display your documentation
    • Please read the schedule of charges, initial funding and the guidelines for MAB i.e. Monthly Average Balance maintenance (if applicable) carefully and ensure that retention of said balances is accommodated for in day-to-day operation
    • Ensure that the documentation required as per the eligibility criteria mentioned w.r.t. each current account variant are in place, please note that these are subject to change not only basis the type of current account but also basis the type of applicant and business segment


    A Current Account is a type of deposit account offering a significantly higher number transactions (In terms of cheque issuance, deposits, withdrawals, and D.D. issuance etc.) and services designed for businesses. Such as Overdraft, i.e. the ability to avail of more funds than the balance maintained with bank which can be repaid at a later date. At Axis Bank, we offer different types of Current Accounts with customized features to meet your specific business requirements.

    To know more about the account opening documentation/further process you could click on the type of current account you seek to open or visit your nearest Axis Bank branch to get an instant Current Account Number.

    Current Accounts can be opened for Individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Sole Proprietorship, Company, Partnership firms, Trust, Government bodies etc. Axis Bank offers diversified range of Current Accounts made to cater different segment and balance requirements.

    You can opt various ways to open a Current Account with Axis Bank:

    a. Digitally Video KYC enabled Current Account for Business Individuals
    b. Smart tablet based account opening for Individual, Sole Proprietorship, Company and Partnership Accounts
    c. Account opening via physical form filling process

    You could click here to apply for a Digital Current Account, alternatively you could visit your nearest Axis Bank branch to get an instant Current Account Number.

    Current Accounts can be opened by Individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUF), Sole Proprietorships, Company, Partnership firms, Trust Government bodies etc.

    With Axis Bank, you can choose Current Account basis your type of business, Annual Turnover, Average monthly balance maintenance, No. of transactions required etc. Simply click on a variant to know more.

    There are many benefits to using a Current Account over a Savings account for one’s business. The major benefit being unlimited transactions and the option to customise the account to suit your business need. Additionally:

    • A Current Account offers more transaction in terms of Cheques issuance, Deposits, Withdrawals, and DD Issuance etc.
    • Different features and type of accounts are specifically made segments such as, Import/Exports, Start-ups, Forex etc.
    • Average balance and transaction limit can further be customized for Current Account basis your business usage

    To know what Current Account suits you the best, checkout our Current Account Explorer or visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch

    Sole Proprietors applying for a Current Account - Normal would ideally need to furnish:

    • Entity & Address Proof of the firm
    • Pan card of the Proprietor
    • Address proof of the Proprietor along with a recent Passport size photograph

    However, public and private companies applying for the same type of current would need to provide:

    • Pan card of the company
    • MOA, AOA & Certificate of Incorporation
    • Company Certificate of Commencement OR INC 21 along with ROC receipt (Public Ltd Co)
    • Address proof of the company
    • Board resolution
    • Address Proof and Id proof of the signatories along with passport size photograph
    • List of directors and their DIN
    • Beneficial Owner & FATCA declaration

    Additionally, these requirements are also subject to change on a case-to-case basis as well as for specific businesses such as Import-Export or Arthiyas.

    To open a Current Account can be opened without a GST number, you would need to furnish other documents applicable under different constitutions.

    Including but not restricted to:

    • Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving Licence/Job Card by NREGA/ National Population Register for Individuals seeking to open the account.
    • And Board Resolution & Partnership Deed for organizations.

    To know more please visit your nearest Axis Bank.

    No, the purpose of a Current Account is to let businesses transact freely with minimal delay. No interest is paid to individual Current Account holders for balances maintained. However, it does offer other benefits such as:

    • High transaction limits with a waiver on the transactions charges
    • Complimentary issuance of Chequebooks etc.
    • Overdraft Facility: which is a short term advance given to Current Account holders letting them draw more funds than their Account balance and repay on a later date

    The requirement for minimum balance to be maintained in your Current Account depends upon the type/nature of your business as well as the type of Current Account chosen. For a standard Current Account, we offer an MAB requirement of INR 10,000 whereas for the Club 50 variant this rises to INR 50 Lakh, while Current Accounts for Trusts require no MAB to be maintained.