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Axis Bank provides its customers with the option of choosing from a wide range of Savings Accounts with different features and benefits. The Savings Accounts are designed to meet the banking needs of people from all walks of life.

Each Savings Account offers unique features such as high transaction limit, free cheque books, etc. The offers and discounts range from discounted movie tickets, Axis eDGE rewards to emergency travel allowances and a lot more. Apply for savings account to enjoy all these features, offers and discounts. You can find a detailed description of the various Axis Bank Savings Accounts below.

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FAQs for Savings Accounts

A savings bank account is an account where you can deposit money as per your convenience and earn interest on it. The interest on savings accounts depends on the bank it is opened in, the type for account and the balance maintained.

Additionally, they offer principal security, a modest interest rate and high degree of liquidity. Due to which, they are ideal as a reserve for emergency money or money for daily expenses. You can open a savings account either for an individual or hold a joint account among more than one user.

Saving Accounts essentially work by allowing you a secure storage wherein you can deposit and withdraw funds. These may be used it to make payments for your regular expenses and transfer funds for investments And Earn Interest On The Amount Stored. The interest is calculated on the balance in your account and credited to your account on a quarterly basis

Additionally you get a cheque book and a debit card for your savings account, using which you can make payments and initiate fund transfers. Depending on the variant of account chosen there may be limits on the number of transactions allowed.

You choose to open a savings account online as well as operate it via Internet Banking and the Axis Mobile App or visit your nearest Axis Bank branch to do so.

There are various types of Savings Accounts such as:

A salary account: one where employees can receive their monthly salary.

A zero balance or basic savings account, which does not require a minimum balance, but the number of monthly transactions may be limited.

Other kinds of Savings Account such as Women’s Savings Account, Senior Citizen’s Savings Account, Future Stars Savings Account offer special benefits for a particular category of account holders. The minimum balance requirement and monthly transaction limit too may vary for each kind of Savings Account.

There are also Premium Savings Accounts where for a higher minimum balance or total relationship value you may be allowed unlimited transactions and other benefits.

Thus you could map these factors to your need, and open a Savings Account that suits you best.

To calculate the average monthly balance, banks consider the total of daily closing credit balance of each day during the month and divide it by the number of days in the month. If the average is less than the requirement, charges for non-maintenance will be levied at the beginning of the next month.

You can deposit money into your savings account via cash, cheque or bank draft. Drafts and cheques can be deposited at registered drop box locations of the bank (usually at ATMs and bank branches). Cash may be deposited at certain ATM machines that have deposit acceptance capability or at the cash counter of the bank during working hours. Alternatively you may also use online fund transfer (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS) to transfer funds from one account to another.

You can withdraw money from your account using a debit card linked to your ATM at any ATM 24×7. Other options include cashing a cheque linked to your Savings Account in person at the bank branch or a cash withdrawal using a withdrawal slip in case your account does not have a cheque book facility.

No. The fees and charges on a Savings Account include fee for non-maintenance of average balance, cheque book issuance fee beyond a certain number of cheque leaves, fees for fund transfer, fee for physical bank statements at branch, transaction fee beyond the permissible limit, and others. The fees will vary based on the kind of account you hold.

You can apply for a Savings Account with Axis bank via any of the following ways:

  • By logging on to browse through the different variants and apply for one that suits your needs best
  • By visiting any Axis Bank Branch
  • By reaching out to your relationship manager

Additionally you can also apply for a Digital Savings Account and open your Savings Bank account online!