Cash- Safety Tip:

  • Never take help from stranger at ATM or Branch cash counter for counting the notes.
  • Handover the cash only to the teller at the cash counter.
  • Do not fold /staple the bank notes.
  • Always handle the bank notes with clean and dry hands.
  • Avoid writing anything on banknotes. Keep the watermark always clear.

Cheque Book Safety Measures

Tips to fill a cheque leaf correctly:
  • Do not sign blank cheques. Always fill in the date, the name of the receiver and the amount before signing the cheque.
  • Always write complete and clear details like payee name, amount in words and figure, date, etc. Extra space should be crossed.
  • Always use your own pen and don’t leave gaps when writing cheques.
  • Cheque should preferably be crossed (account payee) and ‘Bearer’ should be cut.
  • Never sign in multiple places unless authenticating a change.
  • When you cancel a cheque, mutilate the MICR band and write "CANCEL" across the face of the cheque.
  • Always draw a line through any unused space.
  • Avoid using cheques with changes on them. Issue a new cheque if possible.
  • Do not write/sign/mark/pin/staple/paste/fold on the MICR band.
Tips to keep your Cheque book safe:
  • Record all details of cheques issued.
  • Keep Cheque book at a secure place. Do not leave your Cheque book unattended.
  • Whenever you receive your Cheque book, please count the number of cheque leaves in it. If there is a discrepancy, bring it to the notice of the Bank immediately.