What is Phishing?

The most frequently used method is to send a spam email or instant messages to many people with a malicious link. The spam email is designed in such a way so as to look exactly like an email sent by a legitimate company or bank.
The email may ask the recipient to click on a link and provide confidential information. Different techniques can be used to trick the recipient viz. validation of account information, threat of account suspension, notice form Income tax department, etc.

What you can do to save yourself?

  • You should avoid clicking on links, downloading files or opening attachments in emails that are sent from unknown senders.
  • Look for signs that indicate that the website is secure such as a lock icon on the browser's status bar or a "https:" URL, where 's' stands for 'secure'
  • Protect your system by regularly updating the anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Make it a habit to change Axis Internet Banking password at regular intervals
  • Check bank statements regularly to find any anomaly.