What is Smishing?

SMishing, short for ‘SMS phishing’, uses text messages containing Malware or Virus which attempts to collect personal information of the user. This vulnerability is becoming increasingly popular among miscreants as many mobile phone users keep their personal data, like bank account information, card info, etc. stored on their smartphones.

Typically, the scam is perpetuated by sending the user an SMS which asks him to download a legitimate-looking program which is actually a malicious software. Customers should be vigilant in using their mobile devices as a means to prevent this kind of attack.

How can you avoid being a victim?

  • Avoid clicking on links sent from unknown numbers or senders.
  • Do not respond to messages asking for your personal information, even if the person claims that he/she is from Axis Bank, any other bank or government office.
  • Avoid downloading unauthorised applications on your mobile phone as it can leave your personal data exposed to threats.
  • If a text message urges you to act or respond quickly, stop and think before you do anything.
  • Never reply to a suspicious text message without verifying the source.