Safe Banking

What is Vishing?

A typical Vishing call involves a scammer, posing as an employee of your bank or some government body like SEBI, IRDA etc., asking for personal details. Scammers may tell you many different reasons why they need this information. Regardless of the story you are told, the scammer will be aiming to convince you to divulge confidential personal and banking information, such as your PIN, password, card details, etc.

What can you do to avoid it?

  • Never share confidential information like your Axis Bank NetSecure Code, ATM PIN, passwords etc. with anyone, even if the person claims to be a bank employee.
  • Just because your caller ID displays the phone number of a legitimate company, it doesn’t guarantee that the call is genuine. Refrain from sharing your personal information with anyone.
  • Make the habit to change Axis Bank passwords and PINs regularly.
  • In case you have shared confidential information, immediately get in touch with your nearest Axis Bank branch or call us on 1800-209-5577 and get your card, Internet Banking blocked and change your passwords.