Safety Tips

While making important financial decisions about investing your money, one should take precautions to ensure money invested in the funds is safe and will earn desired returns for you. Here are few tips to invest safely

  • Always deal with SEBI registered or authorized intermediaries only
  • Try getting maximum information about the intermediaries and types of investment offered by them
  • Do not pay attention on rumors or advertisement that promises large returns

Safety tips for online investment

If you are interested in online investment and trading, refer the listed safety tips.

  • Set limits for your online trading transactions
  • Try getting maximum information of the online broker before choosing one
  • Avoid trade online or do any online investment securities by using any public computer
  • Always make sure that the website you are doing online trading is secured and has “locked padlock" icon in the browser window and there should always be " https " at the beginning of the URL
  • Always check on your online transaction regularly
  • Be careful from Phishers and Scammers. If you ever receive any email from unknown email id asking for “Your account related information" please do not share the information before confirming its authenticity